In the digital world we are living in, customer profiling has become a big business with potentially large consequences when mistakes are made or data is hacked by intruders with bad intentions.

In order to protect citizens’ privacy, governments across the world have taken their responsibility, resulting in local regulations and legislations. The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of those.

EMAKERS’ long-term focus to build sustainable digital businesses has always been an important motive to safeguard the personal data of our customers, the personal data of our customers' customers (whose privilege we are granted to process) and the personal data of our employees.

In order to do so we are continuously working on:

  • full transparency on how data is captured and where data is stored;
  • full transparency on what (type of) data we process, and how this has taken place;
  • guidelines on how consent should be obtained;
  • increasing security, both by technological and process adjustments;
  • data processing agreements with our customers and suppliers;
  • the required processes to comply with (local) regulations;
  • awareness within the organisation on the need for privacy.