A direct sale from producer to end customer means a lot has to be organised, among which the necessary logistic processes to get an order from A to B. For small workshops and manufacturing companies this often means ‘extra’ work for which there is no human capacity (yet). For bigger producers this mostly means a change from ‘pallet’ to ‘pack’. Specifically for those companies who recognise this, EMAKERS developed therefore a formula to which you can entrust the total fulfilment of (a part of) your orders..

The delivery (and the return process) of your products are the only process allowing the client to have a physical contact with your company and has therefore a large influence on the final customer satisfaction, resulting in repeat purchases or even referrals. Therefore it’s obvious that this process should get your full attention.

EMAKERS developed – in cooperation with some partners – an unequivocal and transparent process, including some optional services that could possibly enhance the brand experience.


Because not every product is the same, not every product is placed in the same delivery process. Think for example about fragile, very big, utmost valuable or made to order products.

Of course there are some big internet retailers with a wide range competing on speed of delivery, already making in some urban areas ‘within two hours’ or same day possible – and making next day (ordered before 22:00h in the evening) and delivery on Sunday the standard. Studies have shown however that such extreme delivery propositions are not required for most of the product groups. Clients are increasingly looking for a ‘deep’ range with ‘unique’ products. For these types of products, a somewhat longer delivery time is acceptable most of the time.

Together we’d like to determine the right shipping process for your product type.

To determine the right shipping process for your product type, first of all you have to take a look at the physical characteristics of your product. The size and weight of your product determine which delivery options are available for you. We then make, in the first place, a distinction between letter post and parcel post. Within the parcel post group we then distinguish the products that are delivered by parcel post services and the products that are too big or too heavy – and for which you’ll need specialised distributors.

Of course letter post is always the cheapest shipping method, in which the delivery service only has to pass by once and deliver the parcel in the mailbox. However, most of the e-commerce orders usually concern default parcel post. EMAKERS has opted for the parcel post delivery for a delivery at home and a delivery at unmanned parcel pickup locations. Based on our experience and investigation, the EMAKERS formula doesn’t support a delivery to the neighbors nor a delivery at manned pickup points.


The biggest parcels almost always require a tailor-made solution. To deliver items like for example a washing machine or a sofa, almost always a delivery agreement has to be made between the deliveryman and the receiver.

Based on your product type and (for example) the risk of breaking we together decide upon the packaging of your product.

Based on the value of your product we gladly discuss the various insurance possibilities with you, making sure you won’t be the loss-making party in case of theft or loss.

Of course, your approach towards shipping should also vary when your product requires collection or is a made to order product. When it’s a tailor-made product, there’s by definition nothing in our stock and it’s sometimes even possible that a preceding contact with the client is necessary. For such tailor-made products, the client will also implicitly accept a longer delivery period.

The sending process is also largely determined by the service area of your company. You want to cooperate with a deliveryman who can offer an intricate network in your target countries. It could therefore be possible that the best option is a combination of deliverymen.

Besides the physical characteristics of your products and the intended service area you can also opt for an additional tailor-made service, suitable with your brand experience: Packing service and personalization of the packaging, active status updates (for example using SMS) and status updates on request by the receiver



Specific commercial actions can cause logistical peaks that your daily business is probably not equipped for. EMAKERS helps producers absorb these peaks. Because you can usually estimate the time of delivery well ahead of time, the costs are usually lower than if you would do it yourself.

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Return percentages can, depending on the product group, sometimes increase to 20 percent of the total amount of shipments.

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Before we can meticulously send your orders parcel after parcel, it’s of course essential that your goods will be carefully entered.

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Depending on the amount of orders and the duration of the cooperation we charge you a small monthly tariff based on the number of unique products in our warehouse (stock keeping units, SKUs) and a variable tariff for each order and/or return.

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EMAKERS helps producers achieve their digital marketing objectives.

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