While in the beginning of this century pen and paper ruled the roost, by now digital technology has changed every sector.

In order to also play a role of importance in the future, SMBs are digitalizing their company's processes and are professionalizing their e-commerce activities. Digital transformation is therefore on top of the agenda of almost every company.

EMAKERS helps you to get more results out of your sales and service activities by means of new technology and ways of working. After we have set clear commercial ambitions with you, we are glad to take the end responsibility to realize them. From A to Z.

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In an era where everybody is fighting against time, most consumers are guilty of swiping (product) images. That resulted in visual commerce to be among the most important trends for 2017.


At the Shopping Today conference in Utrecht In the Netherlands, the annual Twinkle 100 (an overview of the largest web shops), was published on Thursday September 21. With a turnover of 950 million euros, leads the Twinkle 100 again. In 2016,'s sales (including its marketplace) increased by 200 million euros. The gap with its main e-commerce competitor CoolBlue, number 2 in the ranking, has become bigger.

The rise of Coolblue from place 4 to place 2 (from 377 to 615 million euros) was perhaps the most interesting development in the annual e-commerce list. CoolBlue has also grown faster than Wehkamp (540 million) has taken the third position in the list.

The Twinkle 100 (a collaboration between the Twinkle editors and the University of Amsterdam) only reports the turnover figures in the Netherlands. The Twinkle Retail 100, furthermore, only takes companies in account with a web shop of their own. For this reason, some marketplaces are excluded in the overview.

Zalando is now the biggest foreign player on the Dutch e-commerce market

Number four in the Twinkle 100 is Zalando with a turnover of 530 million euros.

Whilst five years ago the majority of the Twinkle 100 was realized by Dutch e-commerce companies, the revenue of foreign companies has grown by almost a thousand percent.

There are twelve foreign companies in the top 100 Retail, of which four in the top 10. Amazon is expected to become active on the Dutch market within one year.

Some other interesting facts from the Twinkle 100:

  • almost all players in the Twinkle100 have a dedicated mobile or responsive website and mobile app usage increased from 36 to 43 percent over the previous year;
  • more than half of the top 100 companies have digital stores as well as physical branches;
  • four of the top 10 players have next to their own store also a market place, namely:, Zalando, Amazon and Nextail / Blokker; Wehkamp is adding a market place to its web shop in 2017.
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